Every Monday morning at around 9.30am a man turns up to our condo complex with what looks like a leaf blower and proceeds to ‘fog’ all the ouside areas.  This is the way Singapore keeps mosquitoes at bay.

I do wonder if I will ever live here long enough to not think “FIRE” every time I see fog!

6 thoughts on “Fogging

  1. Wow – so what makes the ‘fog’? Just water, or is there some added ingredient?

    Do you see it elsewhere in S’pore as you go about your daily business?

    • There’s definitely some sort of pesticide in it. Our condo uses the more environmentally friendly stuff (have no idea what it’s called) and it doesn’t smell, but the condo next door uses the cheaper stuff and it smells and is a more dense fog.

      You see it often as I think (?) it’s law everywhere has to be sprayed once a week. I always think FIRE! when I see fog rolling out of places!

      • I don’t blame you – I’m sure that would be the normal reaction for most Aussies. Makes me wonder about what overseas visitors would think when confronted with bushfire smoke though – would they just think ‘oh, it’s only fog’ …?

    • No, no smell. And I am a mozzie-magnet but get bitten very rarely here.
      The government have workers who are allowed to enter your house (you can’t refuse them) and inspect it to see if there is any places (stagnant water) where mozzies are breeding. If they find any you cope a big fine. Dengue fever can be a problem so they take it very seriously here!

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