Unusual Singapore Things #12

The Singapore government runs a dating agency, called the Social Development Network.

Social Development Unit (SDU) was formed in 1984 to promote marriages among graduate singles, while Social Development Services (SDS) was set up in 1985 to promote marriages among non-graduate singles.

2 thoughts on “Unusual Singapore Things #12

  1. My jaw hit the floor when Kirsten told me about this. I told her she should get together with a male friend and make the government pay for their dinner in the guise of a “date”

  2. I used to get so annoyed with this. But once you let them know you’re not single they stop bothering you. Yeah it’s really weird. In Singapore young people are pushed so much in their studies and sheltered that it’s hard to find a partner. Think most kids are not allowed to date till they graduate from college. But most Singaporeans still find it embarrassing to get a date through a government agency. I think few would admit to it, but Crystal’s idea sounds good. Although I think you still have to pay, but you get a discounted rate. That’s what an acquaintance who tried it out told us.

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