Things You Miss

When I was deep in the clutches of culture shock I flew off to Perth for a weekend to experience some much needed Aussie-ness. The first sign that I was home was when I jumped in the front seat of the taxi (it’s always backseat if you’re a solo traveller in SG). Paul Kelly’s To Her Door was on the radio and the warm night air was full of the scent of eucalyptus.

It was a balm for my sore, sad soul.

The whole weekend was spent discovering exactly what I had missed. You never know what you will miss when you leave your home country. You just can’t foresee what your heart (or stomach) will pine for.

That weekend I gorged on stone fruit. Who knew Australian nectarines were THAT scrumptious. Crusty bread free of added sugar tasted just right. Sitting on the kerb at the opening of the Perth Festival eating a pluto pup with tomato sauce bought for a caravan felt typically Australian.


Sitting amongst the crowds at the Perth Festival as feathers fell from the sky I reveled in being able to understand what people were saying. I could once again eavesdrop on conversations, a habit I didn’t even know I had missed. I could read the people’s body language and understand the cultural oddities. It was all so EASY.

And today I took the Missies to a candy store (oh, how it hurts my Aussie heart them the Missies have exchanged ‘lolly’ for ‘candy’!) at a shopping centre all the way at the bottom of this country.* and there I found a world of stuff that I didn’t even know I missed. Violet Crumbles, Furry Friends, Allen’s lollies, Minties (I’m not even fond of Minties but they brought tear to my eye!)’ Smith’s Chips. Sigh.

And now I feel a little ill.


The Missies and I are off to Australia in 14 sleeps and I am sure we will rediscover other things we have missed. We have a long list of stuff that we want to eat and do.  It will be a challenge to fit everything in, but we will do our best!


*OK, it was only a 20 minute drive but that’s a long way in this itty bitty country, ok?

1 thought on “Things You Miss

  1. I can’t remember it I told you or not, Kel – the feathers were still there a week later. We have had several taxi trips while we’ve been away, and it’s just second nature for one of us to hop in the front seat …then we remember that we’re not in Oz.

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