Shopping Advice

Our bathroom hoard.

Our bathroom hoard.

I’ve posted before how shopping has brought me to tears more than once.  And that’s just regular, grocery shopping.  Clothes shopping here when you have a ‘built for comfort’ Western body is pointless and ego damaging.

Anyway, grocery shopping does become easier over time and one of the big tips I give anyone is that if you see a product you like or use regularly then you should buy as much of it as you can!


The vast majority of goods here are imported and arrive by the container load, so while the supermarket is fully loaded today there is no guarantee it will be tomorrow.  And once a product has sold out you have to wait for the next shipment.  That could be tomorrow, next week or several months time.  There was a Vegemite drought last year that caused issues for Australians, and there was much Facebook rejoicing amongst my American friends when a random shipment of Frito’s (Honey Barbecue flavour) flooded every Cold Storage in Singapore.

So, if you see it, grab it! It’s very much “first come, first served” here.

4 thoughts on “Shopping Advice

  1. !! YES !! We actually have a gig going where whoever sees ______ (insert random item) first, grabs EVERYTHING on the shelf and then distributes it to the folks who we know will want it! (Not to mention when my favorite wine goes on a 2 for 1 special sale!)

  2. Funny! I was just telling a family member yesterday that I’ve become such a hoarder since moving to Singapore out of necessity! If I see a fully stocked shelf of cans of tomatoes, for example, I buy 6 because they may be gone within a few days & I won’t be able to find them again for weeks.

    Clothes shopping is another story. I’ve been cheating, in a way, buying stuff online. It’s cheaper and easier since I know where to look. I just don’t have the patience to hop from mall to mall trying to figure out where to get things – and that’s coming from a person who normally loves to shop. That said, I know someday I will figure out where to go. I just need a bit of luck and advice. 🙂

    I recently wrote a blog post about this topic, so it’s been a treat to see I’m not the only one going through this!

    Cheers & Happy Shopping!

  3. “if you see a product you like or use regularly then you should buy as much of it as you can!” Exactly! Ugh. So frustrating to go to the store thinking they will have something and walking away without it. It’s like some sort of weird lottery!

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