The Sweet Spot

About a year ago there was a whiff of moving somewhere else and I asked an online expat friend what we should do.  She replied that in her experience it would be sad to miss the second year as it was the best year.  You weren’t new, but you weren’t in moving out phase.

The sweet spot.

That’s where we are now.

I know pretty much how things function and things that once seemed insurmountable like grocery shopping are now normal.  To all intents and purposes life is very much like what it was in Australia before we moved.

Just with added humidity.

For those of you who are still in that tumultuous first year I can assure you that life does get better. I promise. Just keep swimming, Dory.

4 thoughts on “The Sweet Spot

  1. I agree. In our experience here in Singapore, three years would have been just right. Getting into the groove of things, having time to fit in all the adventures but then comes the fourth year. This fourth year is hard. We’re fatigued, we’ve seen and done it all, we’re longing for home, family and familiar.

  2. We all know – the sweet spot ‘could’ be sweeter for you. I am never giving up in my quest for you to have ironed sheets, one day you won’t live in Asia anymore and the opportunity would have passed. Life’s all about embracing new experiences right? 😉

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