Singapore Bucket List #1: Threading

The longer I’m in Singapore the less things seem to be “unusual”, so instead of “Unusual Singapore Things” I’m going to be occasionally posting about things that are on my Singapore Bucket List.

Ever since we’ve arrived I’ve wanted to have my eyebrows threaded.  I’m not sure why as I have been a confirmed eyebrow plucker since my teens, but it seemed like something I should have done.  And if you’re going to to do it then I figured I may as well get it done in Little India given Serangoon Road is lined with beauty parlours, and for the bargain price of $5 I had nothing to lose but my eyebrows.

I was on my regular fruit & veg run to Tekka Market and summoned up my courage and finally had my eyebrows threaded.

To remove hair via threading the beautician uses a couple of entwined strings that are rolled over the hairs.  The hair gets caught in the threads and is yanked out.


It hurt (and still hurts 10 hours later but that’s more to do with my uber-sensitive skin, I think), but you do get a much more defined brow than you do via plucking or waxing.

Will I do it again?  Unlikely due to the pain (damn sensitive skin) and my need to be in control – it’s all but impossible to control how someone shapes your eyebrows given you have to close your eyes!

5 thoughts on “Singapore Bucket List #1: Threading

  1. I can’t bear the thought of trying it … but mostly because it would then require maintenance … and I can’t commit to maintenance 😉

  2. Congratulations marking something off your bucket list! It’s funny how individuals respond differently to things. I’ve been threading for 10 years now (eye brows only) because I find it so much less painful than waxing.

  3. I have been thinking about giving it a go – can’t hurt more than waxing can it!? Ok, well, maybe yes is the answer!! Although Diana says less so. Wish I was a man lol!

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