Singapore Bucket List #2: Marina Bay Sands

I am not a person who is wowed by architecture.  I can see that some buildings are more appealing than others and I quite like art-deco, but the only architect that readily springs to mind if I was ever asked to name one is Jorn Outzen (he designed the Sydney Opera House but walked off the project before it was complete, on case you’re wondering).

And there endeth my architectural knowledge.


Marina Bay Sands Intergrated Resort

However, I defy anybody to not be gobsmacked by Marina Bay Sands.  A ship perched upon three 55 storey high skyscrapers is impressive and has been on the Singapore Bucket List since before we arrived.  As I am The World’s Best Wife and “allowed” (tongue is most definitely in my cheek!) my husband to go fishing in Australia for a week over Chinese New Year, meaning I was solo parenting for a 4 day weekend, I treated the Missies and myself to a night at MBS.


The Little Missy in the pool – 55 storeys up!

I forked out extra for a Club Room, which gave us a high floor and included breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktails/canapes.  As we are Singapore residents we also got a few other bits and bobs thrown in as part of their “Staycation package”: faux ice-skating, sampan ride, $50 gift shop voucher.

It was a fun weekend and we got our money’s worth, especially as we all ate so many canapes that dinner was made redundant.  I may or may not (but absolutely did) have eaten ELEVEN lamb loin with mint pea puree canapes.  Given the price of lamb in Singapore this was a very smart move.


Mmmmm…lamb loin with mint pea puree. Come to Mamma!

If I had the chance would I stay there again?

No.  I prefer my hotels smaller and more personal. MBS has over 2000 rooms and the lobby more closely resembles a train station than a hotel lobby.  The MBS crowning glory – the infinity pool on the roof – is pretty cool. It’s also VERY crowded, not deep enough for me, and chilly!  But it was pretty awesome to be swimming up that high.

4 thoughts on “Singapore Bucket List #2: Marina Bay Sands

  1. Ooh! I’ll need to add this to my bucket list. I’ve seen the hotel from a variety of different sites in Singapore — from the Singapore Flyer to Gardens by the Bay. But it certainly sounds like a treat to book a room & float in that rooftop pool!


  2. Wasn’t there the last time I was in Singapore – that’s sad I haven’t been back for that long. Since it has been there I don’t know a person who has visited who doesn’t have the pool shot. It’s a total must have, you can’t possibly say you lived in Singapore and not have one 😉

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