World Colours June: Orange

My first #worldcolours post! Or #worldcolors, if you’re so inclined.

I’ve been watching my fellow bloggers and tweeters ‘play’ World Colours for a while now and thought it was time to get involved, so here’s my June selection.


Sunset dancing, Phuket.


Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka.


Thaispusam, Singapore.


Lighting the lantern, Phuket.


Monk. Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Puking Pumpkin


6 thoughts on “World Colours June: Orange

  1. @Naomi_Hattaway- You took the words right off my keyboard! That Phuket shot is stunning, @kj_nash! Well done first post. Glad you joined.
    Each time someone posts new photos, I always think they can’t get better, yet I am continually amazed with the sights that are shared!
    The expats in this project have wonderful eyes for color, composition and mood. What a book these would make- a large, glossy, coffee table book of gorgeous color and textures!

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