Off The Beaten Track #1: Turf City Junk Shop

I’ve been puzzled by the lack of second-hand/vintage/junk/charity/opportunity shops in Singapore. Prior to our move here I ran an online used book shop and spent a lot of time searching for treasures and love losing myself for hours in these kind of shops.

With Singapore’s fascination with “new” I had been kind of puzzled where does all the “old” go?

Thanks to a tip-off from my neighbour I found the mother of all second-hand shops! I’d tell you its name but I actually couldn’t find it anywhere and the guys working there that day and I had a few communication issues.  It’s at Turf City (now renamed The Grandstand) in Turf Club Road.  If you head along the road that runs to the Blue House International School and keep going you will come to some old stables that are full of stuff. That’s the shop!

I think there are two different shops here – the first stable has a sign saying “Antiques” and is full of really cool vintage stuff. I particularly liked a brown leather jacket which may have been a pilot’s jacket during a war as it had a series of bombs hand painted onto it. As someone who is fascinated in social history I imagine this is the airman’s way of keeping track of how many missions he flew. That’s the great thing about these sort of shops – creating an item’s history!

The rest of the stables is taken up by the unnamed junk shop and it’s HUGE! Nothing has been restored, there are no prices and nothing is ever dusted but (in my opinion) it’s incredibly cool. There’s no way to see everything so you may have to move stuff out-of-the-way to see things you’re interested in. I wanted to find the price of two items and the man took photos on his mobile and texted them to his boss, but his phone was playing up and couldn’t give me a price. *sigh* I guess I’ll just have to go back another day……

2013-07-16 13.11.56

The shop from the outside (and through my car windshield).

2013-07-16 13.08.09


2013-07-16 13.07.10

Old sign. I’m guessing this company is no longer operational?

2013-07-16 13.02.33

Old toy plane.

2013-07-16 12.52.16

Vintage stereo.

2013-07-16 12.50.40


2013-07-16 12.47.38

Freaky looking clown.

2013-07-16 12.45.20

Your own personal prayer thingy? And an opium pillow box. I like the juxta-position of these two things!

2013-07-16 12.43.38

It’s crammed!

Off The Beaten Track is a new blog post series that I’ll endeavour to update regularly.  The Missies and I have started geo-caching and it’s taken us to parts of Singapore we would never normally visit and its great fun!

13 thoughts on “Off The Beaten Track #1: Turf City Junk Shop

  1. Oh wow that looks so unbelievably cool! As an op-shop/vintage loving kiwi I will have to check it out…..once we’ve found an apartment.

  2. I am so jealous you found this after I left! I would have filled my house with odd things. But not the clown. He scares me.

    • Hahaha! A dehumidifyer! You have to see the place. Everything is in the open. It’s impossible to dehumidify… that being said, it doesn’t smell stuffy. But I am sure things get old really fast. And no, the prices are NOT cheap.

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