Unusual Singapore Things #14

If you’re walking on the footpath (not in a busy area) it is not the done thing to acknowledge people who pass you in the opposite direction. No “Hi”, nodding, smiling or eye contact. Just pretend there’s no-one there.

Coming from a country where it is pretty much compulsory to at least nod at a person walking in the opposite direction I still can’t get used to this.

1 thought on “Unusual Singapore Things #14

  1. No, we are nodders, smilers and greeters in our neighbourhood (and our old neighbourhood, too). I actually noticed when we moved back home for a period that the nodding and smiling etc is more prevalent in Singapore. I was greeting people in Australia and they were staring back at me as if I was some kind of overly social nutter (and I would have said we lived in a reasonably friendly area in Oz).

    Now I’m wondering what the social and antisocial suburbs of Singapore are.

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