What I Learnt in the Maldives

  • the country is pronounced Maldeeves, not Maldyves as I have always said.
  • sand can be so brilliantly white it hurts your eyes and you have to walk from your shaded sun lounger into the water with your eyes closed.


  • Nemo’s dad was right – the drop off is scary! I am not a scuba diver but will happily snorkel on the surface, but when I stared from the surface into the abyss of the 30 foot drop off all I could feel was blind panic. Who knows what’s down there?
  • I can snorkel near reef sharks that are under about 4 foot but any longer than that and that blind panic sets in again.
  • the photos that I’ve seen of the Maldives in travel brochures probably aren’t photoshopped, the water really is that colour. It’s a country full of turquoise!
  • my “once in a lifetime” trip probably won’t be once in a lifetime. I’d better start saving.


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