Parks: Lower Seletar Reservoir

For a country that houses 6 million people within an island that measures just 49km by 25kms, Singapore has a lot of green spaces. Few of which I have ever ventured into as it’s hot and humid here and I like air-conditioning, but I need to start seeing more of this country before our time here is up. I don’t want to leave with regrets so I’m making an effort to get out and about and see some of the less popular parks around Singapore.

First up – Lower Seletar Reservoir.


I was actually out this day to find an “Off The Beaten Track” place but badly needed a toilet break and this place was handy so I used the opportunity to have a look around. My visit was a Monday morning and the park was very, very quiet. There are a few paths, a water playground that wasn’t operating this day, some exercise equipment and a long jetty that is a popular place to fish.

There wasn’t much happening on this morning but apparently at night the reservoir is very a popular place to kayak and for dragon boat races. Kayaks can be hired from a nearby outlet.


This must actually happen otherwise why erect a sign?


The waterless water-park.


The Seletar Country Club is next door. Membership for foreigners is a mere $42800 (half price for locals) with a $150 monthly subscription fee. Golf anyone?

It’s also an excellent place to dry laundry.


Lower Seletar Reservoir is bounded by Yishun Ave 1 and Lentor Avenue

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