The Questions

As you move through life the questions people ask you change. When you’re little it’s “What do you want to do when you grow up?” before moving on to “Have you got a boyfriend?”.* When you finally have a boyfriend it’s “when are you going to get married?” and then there’s all the questions about babies, then second babies and on and on it goes.

Expat life is the same. Pre-move it’s “Why are you going? How long will you be gone?”. Once you’ve relocated the questions change again to “Where are you from? What does your husband do? How long have you been here? Is this your first assignment? How long is the contract?”

We are at the 2.5 year mark of a 3 year contract, and  the questions are starting to change to “Are you going home? Where are you going next?” The one thing I know for certain is that expat contracts are barely worth the paper they are printed on. My two best expat friends (BEFs) both left before their contracts expired. Things change. People change. Life changes. But as we are 5/6’s of the way through the contract people are starting to ask what our plans are, and our minds have also turned to the “what next?” conundrum.

In short, we are not done with our big expat adventure. We are hoping to stay in Singapore beyond the 3 year mark and then will see what the world (or the company) comes up with.


* For the record I loathe this question. Never, ever ask it of anyone.

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