Singapore Bucket List #4: The Batman Building

A few years back when we did our “Look See” visit one of the buildings that intrigued me was the so-called “The Batman Building”.  It’s actually called “Parkview Square”, but is more widely known as “The Batman Building” due to its design similarity to those of Gotham City in the Batman comics. It’s a stunning looking building.


Most of the building is office space but the foyer has a very decadent bar that would have been very at home in the recent Great Gatsby movie. It’s a visual feast and one I never tire of. It’s just stunning.





The centrepiece is a floor to ceiling wine fridge.


When a customer orders a bottle of wine the “Wine Angel” attaches herself to a harness and uses a controller to fly up and get the bottle of wine. I’ve been to the bar 3 or 4 times but it’s usually just the husband and I and so we’ve never ordered wine, but my in-laws were here so we splashed out and ordered a lovely bottle of Clare Valley riesling and watched the Wine Angel do her thing.

DSCF4112Apparently taking photos is not allowed, but…..pffft!

It really is a lovely building and not necessary to buy a bottle of wine, but it is worth coughing up the cost of a drink just to soak in the magnificence of the building.

Parkview Square is at 600 North Bridge Road

7 thoughts on “Singapore Bucket List #4: The Batman Building

  1. A friend took me there on one of my forays. It’s stunning and I’ve taken countless other newbies there since. If it wasn’t for her I would probably never thought to venture in.

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