I am very tired.

I suspect a lot of expats in Singapore are saying that at the moment, especially those of us with children at the schools with academic years that end just before Christmas.

The closer it gets to our flight back to Australia, the more tired I become. I am short-tempered about things in Singapore that usually only mildly irritate me and I’m almost severing my tongue when the girls are in the car when I’m driving. “Indicators! Indicators would be good here! Pick a lane. Any lane! Just pick one!” Feel free to insert curse words of your choosing after every second word.


I had thought that the supermarket and I had finally come to grips with each other. I had fooled myself into thinking that I had the system worked out, but now doing most of the grocery shopping at Fairprice Finest, nipping over to Foodie Market Place or The Butcher for quality meat, and then heading to Cold Storage (or Jason’s if I’m feeling rich) for the imported stuff the other places don’t carry just seems tooooo hard.

I want to go to the one supermarket and buy everything I need all at the same time.

Who knew that this would now seem like a luxury to me?

I don’t want a veritable United Nations of fruit and vegetables in my shopping basket. I don’t want fruit and vegetables that have frequent flyers miles. I want to eat a nectarine that only recently left the tree it grew on. I want to choose between kipfler, russet and all the other sort of potatoes I’ve forgotten about, as opposed to being limited to the one sort of potato on sale here.


It’s not just food. I need to see a sky with no high-rises. I yearn for the sound of lawn mowers. If I close my eyes I can smell rain on freshly cut grass. I can taste the salty sea air as I imagine walking along the beach near our beach house.


Clearly 11 months is too long without topping up my Familiarity Tank.

NB: I am fine, just yearning for the familiar and needed to vent.

12 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. I can completely understand. So much so, that I would never leave home in the first place, if I didn’t think my destination could accommodate me well enough! I know, I know. I’m a princess. When I went to the US coffee was a big problem for me. I do love a lawn but as for lawnmowers I will never, ever yearn for the sound of them. Just the sight of them. I know you’ve just been back but your beach break is coming soon, no?

    • Thanks, D. Yes, perhaps a top-up of the Familiarity Tank mid year is needed. Although, thankfully, there had been no family issues to get me back to Oz this year. 🙂

  2. We are on school holidays already and yes, wearing, wearing. Weeeeearing. (Although better today.)

    I remember the shop thing used to irritate me as well but for some reason it’s not one of my things at the moment. I think I’m more in the let-me-see-a-horizon camp.

    We are also jetting off before too long, so high fives to both of us there. Then we can start bitching about how everyone at home plans everything five hundred weeks in advance leaving the go-with-the-flow and last-minute crowds completely optionless. 🙂

  3. I know exactly how you mean when you speak of yearning for familiarity. I often find myself stuck with the same feeling here and I’ve only been here half the time you’ve been in Singapore. I suppose that’s what makes our experience so unique in these places – that feeling of displacement – it’s truly exhausting! Hope you get exactly what you need by heading home to Oz 🙂

    • Displacement is exhausting. I try not to dwell on the things that I miss, as there’s much here that I love, but the closer we get to heading back the stronger the homesickness gets. Ironically, the moment we land and I face the ridiculousness of Australian immigration queues all the things in Australia that irritate me will rush back!

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