Pharmacy, Drugstore, Chemist

Pharmacy. Drugstore. Chemist.

Whatever you call the place that sells and dispenses stuff for your body (either to make it work better or look better) it’s somewhere that you will undoubtably need to visit in your new country.

The pharmacies in Singapore continue to mystify me.

You can buy this:


and row upon row of this sort of thing:

whiteningand you can even find miniature vibrators right by the checkout. However, should you find yourself in need of this:

nit comb

the pharmacy assistant will look at you blankly and shake their head.

“No, maam, can not.”

So, should you ever find yourself in need of a head lice comb or product in Singapore you can find them in the upstairs section of Eat Organics on Bukit Timah and I believe the International Medical Clinic also sells them.

PS: Pharmacies in Singapore don’t seem to fill medicine prescriptions the way that they do in Australia. If you visit a doctor here and need prescription medication it will be dispensed by the doctor and included in your doctor’s invoice, which is actually quite handy as it avoids a separate trip to the pharmacy.

1 thought on “Pharmacy, Drugstore, Chemist

  1. It does avoid a separate trip, although anyone who’s walked out of a Singaporean doctor’s office rattling with pills probably has been inclined to think the Australian regulators are onto something in terms of whether doctors should be allowed to profit directly from the sale of medicines. Luckily we’ve found a doctor we’re happy with.

    The one thing that frustrates me is the lack of colour-free children’s paracetomol! Two years ago I searched high and low and could not find any in Singapore. (Whereas in Australia apparently they don’t sell the coloured stuff for kids under one any more – you can *only* get colour-free!)

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