The Leaving Season

We are in the thick of The Leaving Season. Not our own personal leaving season, mind you, we have no plans to move anywhere soon. Which now that I’ve written that sentence it’s incredibly likely the husband will appear with THAT look on his face. Well not THAT look (get your mind out of the gutter!) but the look that says “they want to know if we’re prepared to move to *insert random country*.

Anyway, it’s almost June which is the end of the school year for the northern hemisphere people (who, by the way, are always completely surprised that the southern hemisphere has summer at a different time of the year, and therefore a different school year) and June is also the end of the tax year in Australia. I have no idea why this makes it a good time to leave, as when I hear the phrase “tax year” my brain fills with white noise.

At this time of the expat year every second conversation features the sentence “did you hear that XXX are leaving?”. Which is immediately followed by “No, where to? Home? Or somewhere else?”

Former neighbours who moved to Singapore after us are repatriating.

Someone I only met the other Friday night announced the following Monday she was leaving. I assume these two things are not related…..

Three kids out of 21 in the Big Missy’s class are leaving, including the close friend she’s had since the day we arrived.

I guess the longer you are here the more people you know so Leaving Season seems bigger.

But I also know from emails that have come via my blog that there are lots of new arrivals, too.

If you’re reading this and heading to Singapore feel free to email me (you’ll find my email address in the side bar)!

Anything to add? I love to hear your thoughts!

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