According to the saying ‘absence makes the heart grew fonder’, so the three* people who follow my blog must bloody adore me!

For the past few months all of my words have been going to places other than on this blog. To the book. to my uni assignment. Into some casual work that also involves words. After being a stay-at-home mum for over 12 years these opportunities are greatly appreciated and welcomed, but I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog. Although to be perfectly frank my days only involve getting kids to school and then writing with the occasional trip to the supermarket thrown in, so there hasn’t been a great deal to actually blog about anyway!

The only big thing is that we have passed our FOUR YEAR expat-versary. Four years!

If you do want to read some Singapore blogs here’s a random selection of some of my favourites:

Tails from the Lion City Bridget is a friend who has a passion for exploring this little island, and she usually does it on foot. She blogs about her adventures and has probably seen more square feet of Singapore than many locals.

Diary of an Expat Somebody is a satirical blog written by the fictitious Emma-Jane Austen-Jones. EJ is the stereotypical expat wife but amped up. There’s some excellent storylines developing and if you have a sense of humour this blog is well worth checking out.

Relentless Laundry is the blog of a (UK) Irish mum and her three kids. I have no idea who she is but she writes with wit and warmth, plus she throws in recipes!

Living in Sin is a food and travel blog that has lots of great tips. The writer has since repatriated back to France so you’ll get lots of French info, too.

Expat Kiwis is a blog written by New Zealand couple. They’ve been in SG since 2010 so there’s lots of great information, especially about restaurant and bars.

If you want something to listen to, rather than read, then download the Two Fat Expats podcast from iTunes. It’s not Singapore-based but Kirsty and Sarah discuss all things expat, both good and bad.

Once again, if you’re moving to Singapore feel free to drop me an email.

Happy reading!

* I have no idea how many ‘followers’ this blog has, or if it’s actually possible to follow this blog at all! I will know I have followers when I find a GOMI thread……

11 thoughts on “Absence

    • Thanks for the offer, Judy! There’s actually a thread on expat threads and one GOMI commenter says moving to another English speaking country would be simple and not a big deal. Oh, how I laughed!

  1. I don’t know if I’m one of your ‘official’ followers but I get emails of your blogs and I do follow you!! Issue I have is each time I try to reply WordPress doesn’t recognize my password and I need to set a new one up!! Thanks for the mention that’s so sweet ☺️ Looking forward to reading more and I know how busy you are. Hope you get this!

    B x

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Thanks for including me even if I left Singapore! Much needed after some random person decided to post loads of negative stuff on my blog. Oh well!!!


    • Oh, that’s horrible. Lots of people love your blog and I’ve had more than one friend mention it to me. Just keep doing what you do and ignore the critics. x

  3. You pop up on my blog feed too! Thanks for links to other blogs (am always looking for something to distract me from the travails of parenting…) and for the mention. (Oh, btw, I’m from Ireland, not UK. Tho technically I came here from the UK, so you’re nearly right) xx

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