Thaipusam 2017

Time is a funny concept. One day you’re experiencing your first Thaipusam festival, and in the blink of an eye you are at your sixth.

Despite having insanely pressing work deadlines last week I made room to head to Thaipusam as it is the Singapore festival I have the most affection for. I’m not sure why that is, but I suspect it’s because of the warmth and joy that radiates from it, which is at odds with how it appears in photos. Images of people sticking sharpened spears through their bodies implies a level of gore and horror that just hasn’t been present at any Thaipusam I’ve ever witnessed.


The very first picture of Thaipusam I ever posted on my blog turned out to be special. By pure coincidence I photographed the same gentleman the following year, and his nephew somehow found my blog post and wrote a lovely comment. Anyway, to cut a long story short his nephew, Muru, was an enormous help with the Indian festivals section of my book. Despite exchanging a number of emails I only finally met Muru at this year’s Thaipusam, where I briefly introduced myself as he helped his uncle prepare to fulfill his promise. This made this year’s Thaipusam one of my favourites (although, really, they are all some of the favourite days in Singapore!).




I am hopeful there will be more Thaipusams in my future!


Anything to add? I love to hear your thoughts!

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