All About Me

I’m Australian. I have a husband. Two daughters. One dog.*

I’ve moved to Singapore. With the husband and the daughters. But not with the dog.*

I blog mainly about expat things. I’m trying to see and experience as much of Singapore as I can before our time here is over.

I do not do sponsored posts. Full stop. End of story.

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 Well, we used to have a dog but she died in 2012 at the grand age of 15.5 years.

2 thoughts on “All About Me

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  2. G’day! I stumbled upon your blog and thought I would say hi and how much I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on this little red dot. Love your persepective, especially since my family and I have only returned here, after living Down Under for four years. Oh yes, the quirks of a new land! Though I have to say, we continue to miss our time in the land of roos real bad…. Thanks for the new insights into this land!

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