Unusual Singapore Things #4

The trains have no drivers.  They are ‘robot trains’ (according to a little girl staying in the same apartment block as us).

Which probably goes a long way to explaining why they run so efficiently – no pesky unionised drivers to go on strike.

It also explains why it’s so easy for family groups to get separated boarding the trains – no drivers to check that everybody is on.

Unusual Singapore Things #3

The train system is a delight.

Clean and efficient. So efficient you don’t even need a timetable as they run so regularly.

And cheap. We did four separate train trips (trial runs to school and work) involving a few connecting lines and it cost less than $4 each. In Melbourne that would not even get you through a turnstile.

Unusual Singapore Things #1

The government department in Singapore that deals with, amongst other things, work and residential permits is called The Ministry of Manpower.

Every time I hear “Ministry of Manpower” I imagine a grey government building staffed with these blokes:


A girl can dream!


For anyone not familiar with Australia’s Manpower, they were/are a troop of male strippers ‘dancers’.  If you’re a frequent watcher of Oprah the man 3rd from the left (the shortest one) is her ‘gardening guru’ Jamie Durie.