Moving to Singapore?

If you’re considering a move to Singapore I’m more than happy to chat to you about my thoughts and experiences.

My reaction when people email and tell me they are considering a move to Singapore is “Do it! If it all goes to hell you can move home!” The road to an international move is bumpy and emotional. It’s not an easy thing to do and if anyone tells you that it is, then they are lying through their teeth. It’s incredibly tough but it has been incredibly rewarding for me as an individual and for us as a family. We are a stronger, tighter family of four because of this opportunity.

COntact button 3If you’re feeling too shy to send me an email then you can have a look back through my blog and read some of the posts that might be relevant.

I wrote about our first few weeks in Singapore and that might give you some idea of just what the first few weeks of an international move are like.

I’ve been documenting the things that strike me as strange in my series Unusual Singapore Things. Some make me laugh and some make me intensely irritated!

There’s also a Bucket List of things that I’m trying to do and see, as well as some sights and experiences that are Off The Beaten Track (but that’s more for when you’ve settled in a bit).

And once you’ve completely settled in you will probably want to leave the country and see some of the fabulous destinations in Asia, so you might want to browse some of my Travel Adventures.

Anything to add? I love to hear your thoughts!

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