Parks: Mount Emily Park

DSCF4313Mount Emily Park is tucked away at the top of a hill between the Istana, Bugis and Little India. I found myself here as I was hunting for a geo-cache, but it’s probably not a park that a person would stumble upon ordinarily.

The park is small but with lots of mature shady trees, walking paths, a few killer flights of stairs and a small children’s playground at the top. On the day I visited the only people around were a couple of young women making use of the stairs for some stair sprints and a group of preschoolers doing their morning exercise. It’s definitely a park mainly used by locals and it did strike me that it would be an ideal place for clandestine meetings. Not that I conduct clandestine meetings, mind.

DSCF4319  DSCF4318 DSCF4315DSCF4317 DSCF4316  Mount Emily Park is bordered by the Istana, Upper Wilkie Road and Mount Emily Road.

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