Three Random Things


The weather has been amazing the last month. This time of the year is what passes for winter in the tropics – the humidity has been lower, there’s less rain and there has even been a breeze! It’s been lovely to open the windows and doors and have the breeze blow through, although there’s a landfill fire in Malaysia at the moment, so if the wind is blowing the wrong way I have to shut the house to avoid it smelling like a bushfire. Swings and roundabouts.


I have a new blog. It’s nothing to do with expat life and everything to do with telling the stories of long-buried people. If you’re interested you’ll find it at


I always feel as though I blog into a void. I blog as though no-one is watching, so to speak. I rarely look at my stats or promote this blog. It’s just not my thing. But it seems people other than my family and friends do read this blog as I’ve been given the opportunity to write the Singapore book of a long established series aimed at people relocating here. I’m apparently a little superstitious so I won’t say more at the moment but hopefully you’ll find my name on a book in March, 2016.

2 thoughts on “Three Random Things

  1. Congratulations on the book, very exciting times. And all without a helper! 😉 I love your cemetery blog, I love cemeteries too. In Hong Kong we lived beside one of the largest ones, there is a Chinese grave sweeping festival annually (which I am guessing you also have in Singapore) and although it blocked us in our apartment complex for a day or so I loved that people visited and spent so much time with the graves. It was on the side of a hill and had about 600 steps so we also used to hike through it on our way to the Peak from home. It never felt awkward because people walked through it all the time. Although our apartments were full of expats because the locals don’t like to live beside a cemetery, they were always very happy to visit and so was I. It has really changed my whole relationship with them since living there. There is a great tour here in Atlanta through one of the older cemeteries and I want to go this year for the Halloween version, which they do at night with characters in dress who talk about their lives beside their graves. You should come!

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