What’s the weather like there?

Every time my husband speaks to his parents they ask him ‘what’s the weather like there?’. And every weekend he gives the same one word response = HOT.

Yesterday I went out in the car (which is air conditioned) to collect some dry cleaning. Sounds easy, right? Nup. For whatever reason (possibly that I had to reverse parallel park in front of a crowded cafe?!) I arrived home a hot, sweaty mess with my t-shirt clinging to my back.

I find that when I get overheated like this it’s almost impossible to cool down. I’ll be hot for the rest of the day, regardless of how high the air con is cranked or how many showers I took. Yesterday afternoon was spent complaining about the heat and drinking so much water I was awake every 90 minutes during the night.

Anyway……. at about 5am this morning I was woken by the tinkle of rain on the stupid aluminium awning over our bedroom window (least favourite feature of this apartment). Whilst I cured the interruption of my sleep the rain has made for a lovely cool day, which even has a BREEZE. A breeze is almost unheard of in Singapore, so I have sat by the open windows wallowing in a coolish breeze for far too long this morning. Revelling in the feeling of cool air on my skin.

It’s a shame my husband won’t speak to his parents today as he’d be able to give a different answer to the ‘what’s the weather like?’ question.

4 thoughts on “What’s the weather like there?

  1. Loved this! I think I’d melt in Singers! When we lived in Western Sydney (not by choice other than what we could afford!!) and I talked to Mum on the phone after a hot day she’d respond “we’ve got a lovely breeze” here.. northern beaches!!! I got to “hate” that expression but I recall telling my daughter who still lives in WS the same from here on the Central Coast! I apologised to her immediately! But I am glad YOU got a lovely breeze for a change!

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