LooLa Adventure Resort, Bintan Island

The absolutely best part of expat life in Singapore is the travel opportunities.  We are blessed to have the funds and the geographic location to travel and it;s something we don’t take for granted.

Like everyone the biggest decision when planning a trip is where to stay and that changes depending on our mood, locale and needs. We’ve stayed in a houseboat in Amsterdam, a 5 star hotel in Phnom Penh (chosen because it was the only hotel there with a Kids Club so that we didn’t have to take our girls to S21, the torture museum), the world’s crappiest apartment in Malacca, a themed hotel in Brussels, a B&B with a loft in Bruges and lots of other run-of-the-mill places.  But for our Easter break we wanted something a little different, not a cocktails and pool holiday (although we love doing that and have another planned in Phuket for the end of this month).

So, the wizadry that is Tripadvisor brought us to LooLa Adventure Resort on the Indonesian island of Bintan, which is only a 2 hour ferry journey from Singapore.

The resort is often used for school camps but is also available for other patrons. It’s really reasonably priced and includes all the adventure activities. The Missies barely sat still for a minute, and fell into bed exhausted from being on the go all the time. In just over 48 hours we did a low-tide sea walk, archery, coconut tree climbing, sky walk, kayaking, wake boarding, rock climbing, boom-netting, and zip-lining.

Now, I am not an adventurous soul. I do not yearn to have adrenalin course through my body so my feet stayed on the ground for the sky walk and I jumped from the lower deck into the boom net.  I watched  happily and proudly as Himself and the Missies climbed the tower and launched themselves down the zipline full of smiles.  Then something weird happened, I decided to try the zipline. If my 5 year old could do it, then so could I!

I did not enjoy one second of this and will not be doing it again, but my girls were proud of me!  Which is pretty darn cool.

We had a ball at LooLa, especially as we left all our electronic devices behind in Singapore.

The highlight for me was just “being”, without all of the distractions that clog up everyday life.


Anything to add? I love to hear your thoughts!

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