Central Fire Station

Every Saturday morning from 9am – 11am every fire station in Singapore (apart from Jurong Island) has a free open house. The public can go along and learn about the Civil Defence Force.

I’d been wanting to go for some time. Ok…a couple of years but I finally got my act together a few weeks ago and made it down to the Central Fire Station on Hill Street. I chose Central because it’s a great olde worlde looking fire station.

I enjoyed looking around and taking photos but didn’t like how structured it was with one man with a megaphone leading a MASSIVE group of people around from area to area so I wandered around on my own instead. I’ve never been keen on tour groups!

It’s worth the visit as it’s free and after the talk the kids did get the chance to hold a real live working fire hose!

Fire Station (21) Fire Station (27) Fire Station (42) Fire Station (61) Fire Station (67) Fire Station (68) Fire Station (75)You can find more information on the Fire Station Open House here

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