I don’t tend to spend a lot of time around the Marina Bay area, but I’ve found myself there twice in the past weeks. Once, with the bike ride from my last entry, and this week with a new walking group. Marina Bay and exercise twice in a few weeks. Unprecedented!

On this walk (which was very looongg and blazingly HOT) I was thrilled to finally see OTTERS!


This bevy of otters were sunning themselves in a sand patch opposite Tanjung Rhu condo. There were 8 or 9 and were much bigger than I expected. This is probably the Marina Bay otter family, whose patriarch died last week. They looked pretty chilled but the loss of the patriarch means there is, according to news reports, a turf war happening. The Bishan otter family have twice swum down the river to try and poach some extra territory from the Marina Bay crew.


Otters are native to Singapore but had all but disappeared over the years as humans encroached on their environment. In the past decade numbers have risen, as the government sought to clean up the environment. But, not everyone loves the otters, as the otters in Sentosa Cove have been known to feast on the ornamental fish ponds of the houses and hotels. One resident lost more than $60,000 worth of fish!

But for me, seeing the otters was a real treat. Although Singapore is very green it’s also incredibly urban so it’s rare to see wild animals outside of the nature reserves. I hope this isn’t the last time I stumble across them!

3 thoughts on “Otters

  1. Glad to know that they are safe and enjoying their stay at Tanjong Rhu. Their home along Singapore River has been taken over by the Bishan family.

    • Thank you, that is interesting to know. I had assumed Marina Bay as that is where they were, but I had heard that the Bishan family were moving down the river.

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