I am not a very flexible person, so limbo has never been my thing. Either the game or the place where I find myself now, where the near future for our family is an unknown.

My husband’s company bought another company to create one giant company, so this means that there are too many people for the positions in the new company. Not all positions have been impacted like this but my husband’s has, so he has had to re-apply and re-interview for his role. *sigh*

And, now, we wait.

We basically have two sets of vague future plans. Option A is that he is successful and we stay here in Singapore and life carries on pretty much as it has for the last 7 years. Option B is a bit scarier, and would more than likely involve repatriating back to Australia. It’s scary only because we know that repatriating is hard. It’s hard on the emotions, even when it’s your own choice but possibly harder when it’s a forced move?

Either way, there are positives and negatives. Neither option is a ‘bad’ option.

Limbo is not great, though. It makes me lethargic, with no real motivation for anything.

So, we wait…..


I wrote the first part of this blog post over two weeks ago and we are still waiting. The good thing about waiting is that it allows you time to mull over the possibilities and get to a point of acceptance for either possible outcome.

And there really are only two outcomes – stay or go home. Neither is a bad option but a few weeks ago we were all firmly in the ‘stay’ camp. Singapore is home. But time and human resilience/adaptability means we can now see lots of benefits in going home.

So, maybe limbo is not such a bad thing?


14/9/2018 I started this post over a month ago, and this ridiculously long game of limbo is still continuing.

At times my anxiety levels have been very high. I am not naturally comfortable with having no control over decisions which impact my life, but I’ve had to accept that I have no control either over the decision, or even when we will know what the decision is.

It is what it is, but it isn’t easy.


16/10/2018 So, Our Big Expat Adventure is continuing in Singapore. That experience was quite the roller-coaster of emotions and, quite frankly, I’m glad it’s sorted. Here’s to more Big Expat Adventures!

1 thought on “Limbo

  1. I thought it was challenging enough watching your updates let alone living them. Glad the outcome keeps you as expats in Singapore.

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