About Last Night

We entrusted a stranger with babysitting our kids.

We got dressed up.

We went here.

We ate delectable food.

We drank exquisite wine.

We left with a much lower bank balance.

It was divine.

3 thoughts on “About Last Night

    • For starters, I had the vegetarian tacos (good without being remarkable), then the beef (divine, perfect, exquisite), then the chocolate fondant (perfect), then we shared the medium cheese platter, which had the most amazing brie – oozy, creamy, bliss. M had the scallops (3 scallops, looked pretty but not much on the plate), followed by the rabbit with the cocoa sauce. He said the bunny was perfect but the chocolate sauce was weird and a too rich. We decided to lash out and didn’t even add up the bill as we were ordering! Definitely a ‘special occasion’ place. When we left the street outside was filled with Porsche’s, Rollers and even a Bentley!

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